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Civil War Books & Music

If you are studying the music of the Civil War, there are various resources that you may find helpful. Here I am listing those that I found most helpful.

Irwin Silber. Songs of the Civil War. Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1995.
This book was very useful and interesting because of the number of songs and the piano accompaniments to them that it contained. Includes songs of the Union, of the Confederacy, of Abraham Lincoln, of a "Sentimental Age", that the soldiers sang, of battles and campaigns, of the negroes, dialect, minstrel, and comic songs, and those inspired by the war.
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Jerry Silverman. Ballads & Songs of the Civil War. Mel Bay Publications, Inc., Pacific, MO, 1993.
This book contains a different set of songs and ballads that came from the Civil War. Also includes piano accompaniments arranged by the editor.
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Fife and Drum Music
Geo. B. Bruce and Dan D. Emmett. The Drummers' and Fifers' Guide. WM. A. Pond & Co., New York, 1865.
This has definitely been the most complete and useful source of drum and fife music that I have found. It includes the most accepted versions of Civil War tunes and drumbeats as well as courses on how to play the drum and the fife. Though out of print and not readily available in most bookstores, it is quite easy to find at Civil War sutleries at re-enactments. It is now on our website in its entirety.

Walter Sweet. Complete Music for Fife & Drum. Mel Bay Publications, Inc., Pacific, MO, 1996.
Similar to the Bruce and Emmett, this popular book offers the 86 fife tunes and related drum beats as well as a section in the back that describes the history of each tune. Highly recommended for all fifers and drummers.
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